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A Quick Guide To Buying Luxury Cars

What Exactly Is An Exotic/Luxury Vehicle? Luxury cars represent the leading edge of top-quality performance, comfort, safety, and technology, as well as aesthetics, and a good […]
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6 Amazing High Tech Features Available in Luxury Cars

When you purchase a new car, do you purchase it for the nifty-looking dashboard? Or the horsepower? For many luxury car brands, the beauty is in […]

Are You a Barrett-Jackson Fan? Here’s What to Expect at This Year’s Auction!

When the sun rises in Scottsdale on January 13th, enthusiasts will flock to the site, or to their laptops, to watch what Barrett-Jackson has on display […]
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Gifting a Car: 6 Steps & a few Considerations

We’ve dreamed about it. Have you? Imagine … a sleek luxury car in your driveway with that big red (it has to be red, right?) bow […]