5 Signs your a true car lover JP Logistics Sun Valley, CAFor many of you, one of the greatest loves in your life is your car. This kind of love manifests in how you treat said prized possession. So for those out there that just can’t get enough of those machines with four wheels, here are a few things that only car lover could relate to.

 5 Signs You’re a True Car Lover

  1. You Fake Interest Just to Test Drive a Car

If you love driving cars, you may lead a car sales person on to just test drive. With no plans to buy it, you just want to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. Maybe you just love that new car smell, or maybe you’re fantasizing about one day being able to drive that car off the lot. Or maybe you just want to drive every car you possibly can.

  1. You Own a Pedal and Wheels Video Game Control Set

If you love driving, chances are you also love driving video games. You probably also watch the news or read the automotive press to find out what new version of your favorite games will be out soon. Maybe you even have a full-on driving simulation game in your home. Although, some car fanatics may not even want to touch these types of games because it’s just not like the real thing.

  1. You Attend Auto Shows

If you love cars you probably attend a car show occasionally or see an automotive museum. Because, why not?! For the extreme car lover, their calendar revolves around these events. Whole vacations are even planned around major shows, just so they can see that one car they’ve been eyeing online. Many car lovers, of course, have a vehicle or several they’ll perhaps enter in some of those shows, and take around the country. Have you been to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit every January? This is a true sign you are a real car lover. And if you really love your car, you’ll have that car professionally shipped to these shows to keep it in tip-top shape.

  1. You Have Car Maintenance Obsession

If you love your car, there is no doubt you spend A LOT of time washing and caring for it, and we mean a lot of time. Car enthusiasts will wash their car by hand only, and not let anyone else come close. This kind of attention only comes naturally from a true car lover. On a nice day, your family knows you’ll be outside in the driveway tending to your baby.

  1. You Personify Your Car

A sure sign someone is in love with their car is if they treat it like a human. Have you named your car? Given it a gender? And tend to chat with it? Saying things like, “Ruby is a good ol’ girl. She is a bit persnickety sometimes, but she’ll always come through.” A definite sign that you’re are a car lover is the tendency to include your vehicle in the conversation when talking, or by referring to the car directly to ask it’s opinion.

So did you relate to all the points above? Even if you related to one, you are a true car lover. What else could you add to the list?

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