Winter car storage - JP Logistics heated facilityWhether you have spent countless hours fixing it up, or years saving, your car is your baby and your prized possession. The last thing you want is your car getting damaged in the brutal winter weather. From vintage hot rods, used cars, or brand new sports cars- winter is not good for cars. Freezing temperatures, snow, salt, and ice all deteriorate your vehicle. A climate-controlled storage facility is the best place to store your classic car over the winter. The controlled environment will help keep humidity at bay, providing fewer opportunities for damage.

If you solution is to store your car through the winter season- here are some tips on winter car storage and prep:

Wash/Wax Your Car: Before storing, it’s a good idea to give it a good wash and maybe even a wax. If the car is dirty, the paint can get scratched in storage. Plus, how nice would it be to get your car back all shiny and ready to drive?

Fill the Tank: Be sure to fill the gas tank prior to storing the vehicle. The more gas in the tank, the less room there will be for air. Air in the tank for an extended period of time can lead to fuel contamination and rust.

Change the Oil/Filter:  Change the oil and filter in your car. Clean oil will reduce the risk of harmful contaminants working through your engine components over time.

Air the Tires: Make sure the tires are full with air. A car sitting for long periods of time on low or flat tires can damage the rim and rubber of the tire.

Check with your Insurance Company: Some insurance companies require you to report if your vehicle is stored outside of your property. It never hurts to fill them in.

Let us take care of you. If you don’t want to bother with storing your car in your garage, or you don’t have a garage to use, let us store your car for you! All our facilities include an enclosed secure building, 24-hour surveillance, 24-hour guard,vehicle charging stations, and detailing services. We can customize according to what you need while your vehicles in our possession.

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