Person holding photos showing different seasons. Best season to ship a car - JP Logistics blogLike anything auto related, the business is very much seasonal. Auto transportation takes into account a lot of different factors and for each season, some of those factors change. So what is the best season to ship  a car?Understanding how the industry works during the season you are shipping your vehicle will help answer a lot of questions that you may have about why your vehicle is not moving as quickly as you’d like or why your price is higher than you had wished.

Is Summer or Winter the best season to ship a car? 

Prices are higher in summer

More people ship during the summer season, which means prices are higher. This is because there are not that many auto shipping companies.  An influx of customers during the summer tends to lead to higher prices. Often carriers use the funds that they get during the summer months to survive the much slower winter season.

Winter shipping takes longer

While prices are lower and fewer people are moving during the winter, shipping could still take longer, due to the weather. Many routes become inaccessible or more treacherous, snow starts playing a factor in where shippers can take loads to and from.

There are many factors that go into shipping a vehicle, so we advise you to think about when you will most likely need to ship and what your budget it in relation to that time frame. We recommend that you fill out our free online quote request form. Or call our professional representatives that can answer any questions your may have, get you free quotes and help you get your vehicle shipped.

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