What Does it Cost to Ship a Car?what does it cost to ship a car?

Whether you are moving to another state, found a classic car across the country, or need to bring your luxury car to an auto show, there are many reasons why you would ship a car. But before you sign any contract, it all comes down to the question, “What does it cost to ship a car?”
When you first look into car shipping, you will notice there are tons of options, companies, and reviews out there. While it’s great to have a lot of information, it’s also overwhelming. Shipping prices can vary for every situation and the best way to get an accurate answer is to get a quote.

How do I find the right company?

First, if you can’t research a company’s credentials, be very wary. If you want a real quote, do some research on the carrier’s website, and you should find at least a good amount of what you are looking for. Give the company a call and typically you can get a free and detailed quote. Be sure to read the fine print and know that you can’t always rely 100% on an immediate online quote. Ask any questions you may have about added fees and costs. Make sure you get a personalized quote catered towards your specific needs.
A customized quote depends on a few variables: the distance of your route, type of vehicle, size and condition, and the requested shipping and delivery dates. Every situation is unique. For example, the cost to ship a heavy duty pickup truck during the winter holiday season will be different from the cost to ship a compact car the same route during Spring.

What does it cost to ship a car and how much should I be paying?

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Car shipping isn’t cheap, and with your prized possession, you shouldn’t want it to be.  Ask the company to explain how they expect to complete the transport at a low cost. Maybe they are having a sale, or it’s a less busy time of year. If they can’t explain the reason, be wary. An important tip to remember: a deposit fee is not an industry-standard practice. If they ask for one, ask them why.

Should I hire local or out of state?

Understandably, many customers like to deal with local companies for their auto shipping. It’s a sense of reassurance that the company is real and is close to them. Going with an out of state company is also completely normal. If you do your research and verify it’s a legitimate business, it is fine to go with an out of state shipping company. One way isn’t necessarily better than the other, and the caution is the same for both, just do your research.

Why should I use a carrier and not a broker?

Car shipping brokers/agents have access to many carrier companies, which can sound very appealing. But, with a carrier, you will get a straightforward quote and get to talk to the company you are using. A direct carrier provides exact information, and you will have more control. For example, brokers can’t guarantee when your car will be picked up. A brokered move may have a shorter transit time from pick up to delivery, but it may take more days to get the vehicle picked up which could cause you issues you didn’t expect. A carrier allows you to cut out the middleman.

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