image of a super car entering an enclosed shipping trailer — benefits of enclosed auto shippingChances are if you’re reading this article, your prized automobile is a possession you hold dear. Aside from its swaths of horsepower and sleek lines, your car means as much to you as the amount you paid for it (and then some). It is priceless.

So having to ship it any distances – across town or across the country – is enough to make any enthusiast nervous.

We’re here to tell you: relax. We have you covered — literally and figuratively. Here are the top three benefits of enclosed auto shipping.

Top Three Benefits of Enclosed Auto Shipping

1. Protection From the Elements

Although this one may be the most obvious benefit on the list, it’s still worth mentioning: enclosed auto shipping ensures that your vehicle is shielded from the elements while it travels from point A to point B. This means our covered trailers provide the first line of defense against everything from rogue insects, flying rocks, torrential rain and even hail. As a result, your vehicle arrives to your destination as shiny and clean as it was when it entered our trailer.

2. Theft Deterrent

If your vehicle is scheduled to be in transit over the course of several days, you want to know that it’s safe from wandering eyes. Since your vehicle will be locked within a fully enclosed trailer, your vehicle’s make, model and value will be virtually invisible to passersby, ensuring that even less trustworthy individuals will not have access to your vehicle or anything within your vehicle.

3. Premium Services by JP Logistics

When you invest in our enclosed shipping options, you also invest in a series of other standard goodies, such as trailers with low-clearance lift gates, door-to-door pick ups and drop offs, soft strapping, white-glove service, and live GPS tracking. We also offer expedited services, just in case your ride needs to be moved quickly.

To learn more about enclosed shipping by JP Logistics, or to begin your vehicle shipping quote, visit our website here.

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