car carrier service

Having a professional car carrier service handle your auto shipping needs is a convenient and dependable way to get your car from point A to point B. A car carrier service is very helpful when relocating, vacationing or purchasing a vehicle from a distance. Here are a few tips for using a car carrier service and ensuring your vehicle is shipped quickly and safely.

4 Important Car Carrier Service Tips:

  1. Read reviews and compare pricing

Your car is very valuable, and safety is the most important factor when leaving your car in the hands of someone else. Make sure the car carrier service you choose is well reviewed and meets all your safety needs. You will also want to compare pricing to make sure the service fits your budget. You can start by getting a few different quotes and comparing the bids from several companies.

  1. Protect your vehicle

Protection is important for all vehicles, but especially if you are shipping a classic, vintage or luxury vehicle. You want to make sure you request enclosed transport and have your vehicle top loaded. This will make sure your vehicle has less contact with road debris.

  1. Inspect and document your car beforehand

Take a moment to inspect your car before you leave it in the hands of the carrier. You want to makes note of any outer damage or mechanical problems the car has to began with. It’s helpful to take before photos of your vehicle from several angles.

  1. Take everything out of your car

Before your vehicle is shipped, you’ll need to empty it entirely. There are several reasons you can’t use your vehicle to haul your stuff while it’s on a carrier. They all relate to safety— weighing down your vehicle increases its weight, and more often than not, your items can bounce around in transport.

If you are in need of a car carrier service start by getting a free quote from us today. Keep these tips in mind and safe travels!

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