At JP Logistics, we don’t just have a passion for exotic, classic and luxury cars; we also have a commitment to customer service. That’s evidenced in every interaction we have with a client.

As a licensed carrier, not a broker, we own and operate a fleet of 19 trucks and a network of terminals and storage facilities. When we transport your vehicle, we communicate with you every step of the way.

We know how precious these cars are to our customers. That’s why we treat them, and you, with exceptional care.

▹ “After being run around from broker to broker, I somehow ended up finding JP’s ad. My car was picked up on the first day of the three day window given, right outside my hotel as requested, and dropped off literally at my doorstep in California. There was a driver change at their base in Southern California; both drivers were very friendly and took good care of my car. The car crossed the country in a little under 7 days. Their prices are slightly  higher than a broker; however, the quality and timeliness of service is exceptional.” Karan in Santa Clara, California


▹ “Awesome service. I couldn’t have been happier with this company. We were moving from Florida to California and being that I don’t even valet my car, I was a bit worried about letting someone throw it in a truck and haul it 3,000 miles away.  I had first reserved with someone else but they didn’t show up or even call when they were supposed to (2 days straight) so I cancelled them and called JP Logistics on the advice of a friend. I’m glad I did. The owner, George, was very courteous and seems to understand this about people. They treated the car with the utmost care and charged a very reasonable fee.  They transport mainly high-end cars (a very good sign), but don’t let that fool you. They treated my MINI Cooper GP as well as if it were a $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron. A very big plus for me is the fact that they have their own fleet (pretty cool looking trucks with fancy graphics on the side) and the drivers are their employees. This obviously means the jobs aren’t farmed out to random people like with the first company I mentioned, which in the end I found out were brokers. Anyway, I was impressed by the service, how I got updates along the way and most importantly, how I received my car on time, and delivered without a scratch.   I just wish my movers had been as good. That review will leave you in tears…..” — Gus in Rancho Cordova, California


▹ “While other truck companies told me it would take about a week to two weeks to get my car picked up from Colorado and ship it to California, George worked his magic. He told me he can get a truck to pick it up by the end of this week. This was on a Monday. Then he calls me back saying he has a truck for pick up Tuesday! So I should expected it in California by the weekend. So I said great and Tuesday the truck driver got my car. The driver calls me and says is Thursday okay to drop it off? I was ecstatic. I called George Monday and my car was here in California Thursday morning. That is what you call service and getting a customer for life.” — Tsubasa M.


▹ “Service was seamless and perfect from the first phone call to schedule transport to the moment the driver handed us our keys. Being an exotic car owner, having confidence in the company that transports your baby is so important. George & Harry took care of us above and beyond our expectations. I can’t thank them enough!” — Kimberly H.


▹ “Hired JP Logistics to haul my rare and exotic (and expensive) car from Los Angeles to Atlanta. George from JP kept in touch with me every step of the way as he knew I was extremely nervous about the move. The driver showed up at exactly the agreed time and the car was perfect. George made the extra effort to contact me during “my time zone,” 3 hours difference, early mornings and late nights for him. Excellent service.” — Mike M.


▹ “I trust no one else but George and the good folks at JPL with my cars. Period. I also don’t refer my friends to anyone else, and time and time again, my confidence in JPL is reassured.” — Abe Rahey


▹ “I used JP Logistics for a covered transport of a sports car from coast-to-coast. They were competitively priced, but more importantly, they picked up a day earlier than scheduled and then delivered a day early, and the car was completely clean and undamaged. I will use them again in the future.” — Ryan Alexander


▹ “Honestly the best, most reliable and professional service. They got my car back two days earlier than expected, safe and secure.” — Avo Minassian


▹ “I have been in the car business for 54 years and I own a 53 ft car hauler that I transport my personal autos in, so I know what is involved in getting cars from point A to point B. I have never seen a more professional operation! Brian Lovell brought our 2006 Saleen S7 TT, which by the way is not an easy car to transport, and his professionalism and dedication to excellence was the best!!! Thanks to Brian I will be using JP Logistics for all my transportation needs!” — Dennis L.


▹ “I have used them for personal and business over the last 5 years. Either short distance or long distance and in between, they are VERY helpful and extremely aware of how to handle customer service!” — Dieter-Heinz Kijor


▹ “The guys at JP offer top notch service and 20 years experience. You can’t get any better!” — Tulio Vazquez

When you want a worry-free transport with a company that “gets” luxury vehicles, call the experts at JP Logistics. We look forward to meeting you.

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