Summer time is here! Hot days and warm nights are perfect for rolling the windows down and taking to the streets in your four-wheeled baby. But before you get ready to heat up the road in your hot rod, make sure it is ready for the warmer temperatures. The summer heat can reek havoc on a vehicle and no one wants to find themselves stranded on the side of the road next to an overheating car under the roasting summer sun.  A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to stop issues from becoming bigger problems that break the bank and ruin your chance to go cruising. From fluid levels to tire pressure, this summer car maintenance schedule from Santander Consumer and AAA can help you understand the proper steps to prepping your car for warmer weather.

The Summer Car Maintenance Schedule for your Ride

Summer car maintenance schedule infographic

Infographic Courtesy: Santander Consumer USA

There is nothing worse than getting ready to take a cool car out of wintertime hibernation only to find that it is not prepped for the summer. Of course, if you store your vehicle with JP Logistics over the winter months we will inspect your car to ensure all of the fluids are topped off and the tire pressure is just perfect for a summer time cruise. For more information on our secure storage options, contact us today!

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