2019 Toyota AvalonNew and innovative luxury car designs are launched every year. These cars provide great comfort for the driver and come with a number of accessories. Such a high level of dependency on automobile technology requires the 3rd eye to be introduced to luxury vehicles. These additional safety features keep an eye on the surroundings while you are driving.

Some of the latest safety measures introduced in luxury cars include radar-based collision avoidance systems and blind spot alerts. Drivers can be distracted in a number of ways including incoming calls, taking a quick sip of the coffee, and many other reasons. Safety features ensure that your route is under watch even when you don’t have your eyes on the road. 

In light of this, mentioned below is a list of top luxury cars and a breakdown of their safety ratings:

Toyota Avalon 2019 – Safety Rating by US News – 9.7

Toyota provides some of the best luxury cars at very competitive rates. The Toyota Avalon offers the best value for money for drivers seeking comfort and high level of safety in their car. The Toyota Avalon comes with some of the best front and rear crash protection systems available in the market today. The cutting-edge safety technology introduced in this car protects drivers from all sides including from above. Some of the notable features include electronic stability control, a blind spot monitor, and lane departure monitors among many others.

Acura RDX 2019 – Safety Ratings by US News – 10.0

The 2019 Acura RDX offers some of the best luxury-features money can buy in a compact SUV. The car is highly rated for its spacious and posh interior and comfortable seats. To keep drivers safe and secure on the road, the Acura RDX comes with built-in advanced safety features. The car was taken through a series of crash test and scored well in all the tests. The front crash prevention results came out to be superior and better than many of the luxury cars of 2018. Some useful safety features include 4-Wheel ABS, Lane Keeping Assist, and electronic stability control.

Lincoln MKC 2019 – Safety Ratings by US News – 4Star

The latest MKC series by Lincoln is a luxurious SUV that has a user-friendly infotainment system and provides a smooth ride. The car is equipped with some of the most advanced technological features available today. The side crash safety features are top-notch and the car contains preventive technology for Frontal Crash and Rollover as well. The brake assist and traction control make driving safer than ever before. 

Mercedes-Benz C Class – 2019 – Overall Ratings by US News – 8.3

The C class introduced by Mercedes is ranked highly as one of the best small luxury cars available. The car has an elegant cabin design and a spectacular engine lineup. The cutting-edge technology in car safety includes anti-locking brakes and stability control, which automatically reduces engine power in circumstances when the car is out of control. In a rear-end collision, the anti-whiplash head cradle the occupants to reduce the risk of head trauma injury.

Volvo XC40 – 2019 – Overall Ratings by US News – 9.1

The Volvo XC40 is considered one of the best SUVs available in terms of technology, performance, and luxury. The posh interior and powerful engine make it a safe and comfortable ride. Volvo’s safety package includes smart sensors that can detect cars, trucks and even bicycles in the path of the vehicle. The adaptive cruise control allows the car to reduce speed or stop the car automatically during the traffic snarls. 

Concluding Thoughts

Smart safety features are now an integral part of any luxury car. This is primarily due to heavy traffic and the ease with which drivers get distracted. Safety has therefore become every car owner’s top priority. Luxury car owners are no exception. To address this, the latest models being introduced in 2019 will have advanced features that will take road safety to a completely new level. The addition of some of the latest technological advancements has made it extremely easy for car manufacturers to deliver style and safety.

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