Washing your car will help when preparing your car for shipping.

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When it is time to move your vehicle, what you don’t know could potentially hurt you and your car! Why risk anything when moving something so important, your prized possession. You may be ready to schedule a shipment, but we have a few tips you may need to know first.

5 Steps to Preparing Your Car For Shipping

  1.   Have no less than 1/8 tank and no more than ½ tank of fuel in your car. Having a full tank adds extra weight.

2.    Remove all personal items from your car. This adds to the weight limit of the car and the items in your vehicle are not insured.

3.    Repair any issues with your vehicle, including chips and cracks in your windows. Make sure your car is prepared for changing weather conditions.

4.    Wash your car. While this may seem strange, since you’re about to put your car on the back of a truck, it is important to ensure accurate inspection of the vehicle. Having a clean car means that the driver can record any scratches, marks, dings, etc.

5.    Secure or remove add-ons. Anything that extends beyond the original shape of your car could get damaged. It’s safest to make sure these are removed or secured..

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