Man inspecting his tireIf you need to move a car, having a professional car carrier service transport your car or truck is a convenient and reliable choice. The most popular reasons to ship a vehicle are moving, selling or buying a vehicle, or moving a car out of storage. So if you need a car carrier service just read a few of our most basics tips to ensure you vehicle gets from point A to point B safe and sound.

5 Tips to Consider When You Hire a Car Carrier Service

1. Choose the Right Price
When purchasing nearly anything, it’s smart to compare pricing first. Have a budget in mind and stick to the rate you can afford. But remember with a higher rate comes more top quality service

2. Check Reviews
Look into more than just pricing when it comes to choosing a shipping company. Also, evaluate auto carriers based on their experience, licensing, authority, insurance, and reviews. Read reviews from the Better Business Bureau to evaluate customer feedback.

3. Protect Your Vehicle
Before the move, you will want to prepare your car for shipping. Remove any and all items that might move about and cause damage to the car. This includes CDs, car seats, antennas, device chargers, and other items of valuable. If you have any questions, refer to your provider’s website for insight or read our blog on preparing your car.

If you own a classic, vintage or luxury vehicle, you’ll want to request either fully enclosed transport for full protection.

4. Do One Last Check 
Take time to check your car ahead of time and note any visible or mechanical problems. Take a few photos of the outside and inside of your vehicle. Some auto shipping companies such as us at JP Logistics will provide a full bumper-to-bumper inspection before travel.

5. Leave a Quarter Tank of Gas
Leaving only a quarter tank of fuel in your vehicle is the safest and preferred option during transport. Unless our carrier tells you otherwise, this is the amount you want to have in your engine.

Don’t go with the businesses that don’t know what they are doing. At JP Logistics, we are not only a safe company that has transporting cars down to a fine-tuned science, but we also offer a range of options. With our services, you can enjoy door-to-door pick-up and simple online booking and payment. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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