If you’ve never watched the Try Guys, it’s time to give these YouTube stars a look. In a recent car makeover video, filmed at JP Logistics in California, the Try Guys do a number on their buddy Eugene’s ride. Eugene’s reaction alone is worth watching.

If you’ve never watched before, the Try Guys are … just what they sound like. They’ll give any crazy idea a try. This time, they turn the world of car makeovers on its head by giving Eugene the kind of tricked-out ride he undoubtedly never wanted.

Seriously, it’s a nightmare.

As you watch, pay attention to the space and the luxury and exotic vehicles JP Logistics features! Our partners have some beautifully detailed cars to show off to the Try Guys and the audience. Even if you’re not already a Try Guys fan, you’ll want to tune in for some automobile eye candy.

We’re particular fans of the mirrored, JP Logistics-logo’d reveal. Watching that door go up makes our hearts beat a little faster each time we see it.

You can see the Try Guys Pimp Eugene’s Ride on YouTube. Be sure to watch episodes 1 and 2!

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