In 2016, JP Logistics shared a series of articles pertaining to proper car care, storage and more. Today, we’re celebrating everything we’ve discussed in the last 12 months by looking at our blogging year in review…

Best Season to Ship a Car. JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

What is the best season to ship a car?

There are a number of reasons that prove summer is the best time to move a vehicle from point A to point B.

3 Important Tips for Auto Shipping

There are plenty of reasons you may wish to move your vehicle across country. Follow these three tips to make the journey easier.
Car Care Resolutions for 2016 JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

5 Car Care Resolutions for 2016

Include your car in your New Year's resolutions with these five care recommendations.
Car Carrier Service JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

Tips for Using a Car Carrier Service

Having a professional car carrier service move your vehicle is convenient and dependable. Here are four tips to consider when calling upon JP Logistics' services.
AAA Fall Car Care Checklist JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

Car Care Checklist for Spring and Summer

Make sure your car is ready to go for the warmer seasons with these quick maintenance tips.
1954 Chevrolet Corvette JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

Tips for Classic Car Insurance

Having insurance on your classic car is a necessity of ownership. Here's how you can find the best plan for you ride.
You know You've a Car Lover When... JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

You Know You’re a Car Lover When…

How do you know when are the ultimate car lover? See if any of these attributes sound like you.
1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

The World’s Most Valuable Classic Cars

These are the most valuable classic cars in the world. Do any of them belong to you?
What Does It Cost to Ship a Car? JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

What Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

How much does it cost to move your car from one location to another? It depends on your needs.
Ferrari Sports Car JP Logistics

Tips for Attending Your First Auto Show

Going to your first auto show? These six quick tips will help you experience the event to the fullest.

So You Need a Car Carrier Service? What’s Next….

Once you've decided to use JP Logistics' services, follow these five tips to keep your vehicle safe.
4 Car Museums to Visit This Year JP Logistics

4 Car Museums to Visit this Year

Enjoy the freedom of the open road by traveling to see these four American car museums next year.
Cross Country Moving Tips

Cross Country Moving Tips

Are you moving from one side of the country to the other? Follow these five tips to lessen your stress while making the journey more manageable.
Sports car being lifted into an enclosed shipping trailer

Premium Transportation: The Key Benefits of Enclosed Auto Shipping

Discover why enclosed auto shipping is the absolute best option for transporting your vehicle.
the history of route 66 JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

Jumpstarting the Auto Industry: a Brief History of Route 66

Learn how the roadway to the west sparked an automotive revolution that fueled Americans' passion for the open road.
Red And White 1968 Chevy Camaro 327 Hood JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

Three Cars That Fueled America’s Auto Revolution

These three legendary automobiles defined America's driving spirit in the 60's, and they continue to inspire muscle car enthusiasts today.
image of a long term vehicle storage facility

Five Things to Consider Before Storing Your Car For The Winter

Don't store your prized automobile away for the winter until you've read these five crucial tips.
image of a sports car being driven through the snow

Five Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter

If storing your car away for the winter isn't for you, make sure you do these five things before you set out for a cold season on the road.
image of Jaguar I-Pace at the L.A. Auto Show

Our Top Three Favorite Vehicles Debuted at the L.A. Auto Show 2016

Join JP Logistics as we celebrate the top three automobiles unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show 2016.

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