Man thinking of automobile transport quoteAt JP Logistics we make it easy to get a quote to ship your vehicle anywhere in the country with our online quote form. Morning, noon, or night, this form is available at the click of a mouse. Where does the automobile shipping quote come from, though? In other words, what factors will affect your pricing? Understanding these options will ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar with the most reputable enclosed automobile shipping companies.

What Effects An Automobile Shipping Quote

Pick-up and drop-off locations: This may be the most intuitive factor and has the greatest effect on the rate for auto transport. The distance between the two locations act as the initial baseline in determining the price. Obviously, the further the distance the greater the associated fuel and mileage costs. This is not the only factor in determining the automobile shipping cost, but it is the greatest factor.

Type of Vehicle: When creating a quote, shipping companies must factor in the size of the vehicle and the vehicle weight. Larger vehicles may cost more to ship, especially if there are oversize and/or overweight factors to consider. When calculating a quote, shipping companies may have to consider specialized equipment and personnel needed to carry larger loads.

Value of the Vehicle or Shipment In some cases, large shipments containing multiple ultra luxury vehicles may be accrued additional fees to offset the costs of increased insurance. Some automobile shipping companies only carry the minimum in liability coverage. They then pass the additional cost of insurance and any administrative fees associated with insurance on to the customer for higher value shipments. Carriers that specialize in luxury car transport, such as we do, carry far more than the federal minimums for insurance as standard operating procedure and won’t have the added burden of these ancillary fees.

The Condition of the Vehicle In some cases, the condition of the vehicle can be a factor in determining the automobile shipping quote. Non-operational vehicles, especially antique or exotic vehicles in the middle of the restoration process can require some extra TLC to get them loaded and unloaded. In these cases special equipment is used to ensure that they can be delivered with the utmost care.

Delivery Time Frame: Most auto transport companies can give you a standard pick-up window for their service, typically a minimum of a week to ten days after you schedule the service. Expedited shipping for those who need it can often be purchased at a premium, and are typically based on the frequency the company delivers in a particular area. If you require a special run to a service area that is not often traveled, the additional rush fees can be pretty high. JP Logistics makes frequent trips across the entire country, in some cases as often as five times per week.

The most important factor in any quote is transparency. A reputable company will be able to explain the costs associated with transporting your vehicle in a way that easy to understand. At JP Logistics we have a team of customer service specialists that are happy to walk you through the entire process, from quote to delivery; making sure you are satisfied and your vehicle is well taken care of from door to door.

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