image of a vehicle with hail damage — protect your car from hailSpring is coming, which means it’s almost time for Spring showers. And by showers, we mean the chance for rogue thunderstorms with hail large enough to damage your precious street machine.

Don’t become a victim of undesirable dents. Protect your car from hail by following these quick tips.

1) Park in a Covered Area

The most obvious way to keep your car safe from falling hail is to park your vehicle within or underneath a protected structure. For many drivers, this means using a home garage or a tiered parking garage.

2) Find Temporary Shelter

If you do not have immediate access to covered parking, your next safest bet is to find temporary shelter underneath a built structure. This can include waiting out the storm underneath an overpass or hanging out under a gas station awning. Wherever you can find refuge from he hail, take it; it’s cheaper to wait for the storm to pass than to pay for hail damage repairs.

3) Cover Up Your Vehicle

If none of the aforementioned resources are available to you, you may be able to offer your vehicle some protection by covering it with a set of thick blankets or investing in a hail cover. While these options may not completely prevent hail from damaging your vehicle, it can certainly reduce the amount of dents your car receives.

4) BONUS: Keep Your Nearest JP Logistics Storage Facility in Mind

If bad weather is in the forecast and you don’t have a safe place to keep your vehicle, consider how a JP Logistics storage facility can protect your car from hail. Each of our storage garages feature enclosed parking with 24-hour surveillance. While your vehicle is hiding out from the storm, we can also detail it so that when you come to pick it up, your prized possession is in even better shape than when you dropped it off.

For more information about JP Logistics’ storage facilities, including pricing information and storage customization options to fit your needs, contact us today.

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