A luxury car in exotic car storageJP Logistics is known for its outstanding service when it comes to luxury auto transport. We move everything from Aston Martins to Zagatos from point A to point B, safely and efficiently. Did you know that JP Logistics is more than just auto transport services? We also have three facilities that specialize in luxury and exotic car storage. We put just as much thought and pride into these facilities that we do into our transport services. Let us show you how.

JP Logistics Exotic Car Storage

Your luxury vehicle is anything but average and, as such, it deserves special attention and care. Just your average garage won’t due, which is why our facilities are anything but average. JP Logistics has storage facilities in California, Arizona and New Jersey to accommodate our clients across the country.   Every facility includes 24 hour surveillance and an on-site guard; 24 hours a day,  seven days a week in an enclosed and secure building. This is to guarantee the safety and security of your exotic vehicle.

The facilities are climate controlled to ensure optimal temperature storage and protect against the damaging effects of high temperatures and/or blistering cold. These buildings are equipped with vehicle charging stations to keep the batteries in working condition even for long stays. We regularly inspect the vehicles for leaking fluids, proper tire inflation levels and any other issues that may arise while the vehicle is in our care. JP Logistics also offers a full detail service to ensure the car is spotless when you are ready to drive her again.

Most importantly, JP Logistics offers flexibility for its customers. Not only can we transport and store your vehicle based on your traveling needs, but we can also customize a storage plan to suit you. We want you to feel safe and secure leaving your vehicle in our care and we can accommodate many special storage requests. If you need to store your vehicle for any length of time, contact us today. We will create a plan customized to your exotic car storage needs.

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