Man Filling up his gas tank If you’re planning your next trip and wondering, “should I drive or ship my car?”, you are not alone. This is one of the questions many of our customers struggle with when debating using auto transport services. For many people it comes down to weighing the cost and type of trip.

Most people are so busy, that getting time to go on a trip is a challenge in the first place. Do you want to take the time to drive your car to your destination, or fly direct? It comes down to if it’s worth the time and money to drive your car on your journey. Sometimes the road trip you choose is perfect for your automobile, and there would be no reason not to drive your own. But, sometimes it’s more about the destination, and time and cost matter most. In that case, shipping the car is always worth it.

Should I Ship My Car? What to weigh when deciding: 

Car Prep: If you are taking a long road trip you have to make sure that your car is prepared. It’s always smart to get an oil change and make sure to check on your battery, fluid levels, belts/hoses, tires and brakes before hitting the road for a long journey. Do you have time time to do this before your vacation?

Gas: With prices constantly on the move, this can end up costing you more than you think. Remember you will also be driving around once you get to your location. Do you want to spend your vacation money on gas?
Food: If your road trip lasts a couple days, you have to stop for food. If you are taking the family, this can add up fast. Don’t forget about the coffee, drinks, and snacks in between.

Hotels: Since you aren’t flying, you will most likely have to spend some nights in hotels along the way. These take up vacation time and funds.

As you can see, these costs can add up fast. After looking at all of the factors, costs and stresses listed above, you might realize that your time and money are worth much more than the cost of shipping your car to your vacation destination. While we all love a good road trip, and hey that’s what some cars are made for, it’s not always the perfect solution.

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