JPL Bugatti. Enclosed car shipping at JP Logistics

Car collecting is not your average hobby. From antiques, classics, to ultra-luxury cars, each vehicle is a work of art, a testimony to the intersections of beautiful design, ingenious technology and living history. Your car is your baby, your pride and joy, and a major investment. So when it is time to move your vehicle, what you don’t know could potentially hurt you and your investment! Why take such a gamble when moving something so important?

Enclosed Car Shipping Vs. Open Carriers

Picture yourself zipping down the highway. You pass all kinds of vehicles on the road: rows of SUV’s, vans and sedans traveling to destinations unknown. What you don’t often see are luxury vehicles traveling this way. That’s not to say that enthusiasts don’t take their cars out, but in most cases, when owners want to move their vehicles across the country, they’re doing it safely and discreetly with enclosed car shipping.

For your high end shipping needs enclosed car shipping protects against the outside elements. An open carrier may be the best option if you are simply shipping the family car or a work in progress, fixer-upper. However, if you spent months restoring a 1966 Camaro or a 1969 Maserati Ghibli you don’t want to risk anything that may mar your new baby. This is why JP Logistics will  review your individual needs and create a shipping option specific to your vehicle. Prior to transport and upon arrival, JP Logistics will provide a bumper to bumper inspection. We offer customer service support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Shipping in this manner can provide the peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive in pristine condition. JP Logistics specializes in these rare beauties and is the preferred carrier for many of the top manufacturers.

We offer a range of options, from exclusive single car transport to three, four, and six car trailers that suit any type of vehicle. With our services, you can enjoy door-to-door pick-up and convenient online booking  and payment options. Contact us today with any questions and let JP Logistics take care of your enclosed car shipping needs!

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