Best Season to Ship a Car. JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

What is the best season to ship a car?

Like anything auto related, the business is very much seasonal. Auto transportation takes into account a lot of different factors and for each season, some of those […]
Happy 2016 JP Logistics

Auto Technology Expectations for 2016

In this era, we’re moving further away from the traditional auto technology  and into new features that would have been considered something to be left to […]
Holiday Travel Tips for Driving. JP Logistics Sun Valley, CA

5 Holiday Travel Tips

Do you have holiday road trip plans this year? Whether you are headed to Grandma’s house or a vacation destination for the holidays, we have a […]
JP Logistics auto storage facility

Winter Car Storage

Whether you have spent countless hours fixing it up, or years saving, your car is your baby and your prized possession. The last thing you want […]