Years on SpeedometerIn this era, we’re moving further away from the traditional auto technology  and into new features that would have been considered something to be left to the imagination just a decade ago. Today these new auto technology improvements are becoming increasingly the norm in cars.

Today, nearly every major automaker offers a hybrid model and smaller fuel efficient car. Energy is really changing the game for cars altogether.  Overall, the strides that the industry has taken in the past few years is nothing short of amazing.

Here are 3 auto technology improvements we can expect for this coming new year:

  1. Gesture Control:
    Standard gesture control functions that allow the driver to control things like the stereo, heat and air, and Bluetooth systems with body motions will be seen in more cars. It may only be available on some high-end luxury cars, but who knows if it will also be seen in some standard vehicles in the near future.
  2.  Lighter weight:
    Because of safety features and added gadgets, cars tend to get heavier.  But with advances in design and construction, that trend is quickly reversing. Companies are using lighter materials like carbon fiber and aluminum to make vehicles lighter without taking away their safety and tech quality.
  3. Increased automation:
    Parking assistant systems, advanced cruise control. and the auto-pilot systems are advancing the control over the car. One example being Tesla’s Autopilot system could almost  let you  travel all the way from San Francisco to Seattle without the driver touching any controls at all. Wow!

These trends show us that from construction to engine displacement, to tech, cars are evolving faster than ever before, and 2016 is a year to watch in the auto tech industry! If any of this stuff still seems like science fiction, just wait and see…

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