Highway 1 is one of the most popular scenic drives. Roll down your car window, blast the radio, and feast your eyes on the open road. There are countless scenic drives that make the bucket list of many, but which ones are the must-see this year? Some drives are stellar standouts and we are here to list our favorites.

1. Hana Hwy (Hwy 360)

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, don’t forget your favorite car. The most spectacular coastal drive in the state, the Hana Hwy is a glorious winding road deep into the jungle. This road is for those who love adrenaline, with its 54 one- lane bridges, cliff-hugging roads, and who knows what lies in the jungles you’ll feel your heart beat more than once. The views, trees, and waterfalls, for those that aren’t into adrenaline, make it all worth it. Bring your swimsuit and meet your car in Hana for this bucket list cruise. While you’re out there, visit the Seven Sacred Pools at Haleakala National Park.

2.Pacific Coast Hwy (Hwy 1)

Highway 1 is in many movies for a reason, it’s surreal and one of the most iconic roads that runs from Southern to Northern California. The narrow road travels along the ocean, overlooking beaches, winding between redwood trees and visiting many popular cities along the way. Drive slowly and enjoy what all this route has to offer.

3. The High Road, New Mexico

If you want to see deserts, forests, meadows and ancient Indian pueblos, the 56-mile route from Santa Fe to Taos is the road for you. Full of photo-ops and 17th century towns, this road climbs mountains and offers not only breathtaking views , but history lessons, too.

4. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

If you are an architecture buff, a cruise down the 26-mile route will suite you just fine. This is one of the most beautiful stretches of urban parkway in the United States. Look to the east for green space and Lake Michigan and to the west for skyscrapers and urban luxury. Drive south to north to get the best experience.

5. Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska

Those who think Alaska is boring and cold are missing out, and couldn’t be more wrong. This route from Anchorage to Valdez runs past prehistoric glaciers and mountain ranges. This 300-mile route will show you wildlife, cinematic views and gorgeous waterfalls. This would be a surprising romantic getaway from the everyday life of a city dweller. Hop in your car, roll down the windows and breathe in the fresh  air.

7. Ruta Panoramica, Puerto Rico

This 165-mile chain of roads provides panoramic views including the surfer haven, Suan Juan, coffee country, mountains, jungle canyons, and coastal cliffs. If you want a little bit of everything, this trip is the total package, including crystal clear caribbean waters.

If you crave travel and  the view through the windshield, be sure to book one of these trips this year.  Whether it’s a quick getaway to California or a two-week vacation to Alaska, these roads are packed with adventure and beauty. What’s the point of owning a nice car, only to deprive it  of these glorious roads?

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