High Tech Features

When you purchase a new car, do you purchase it for the nifty-looking dashboard? Or the horsepower? For many luxury car brands, the beauty is in the details! That’s why they seek out the newest tech. In fact, luxury cars are often used to test cutting-edge technology before it’s pushed out to the masses. Today’s models offer features like infotainment interfaces and driver assist. Take a look at what your new car may have on offer.

A Cockpit Dash That Makes You Feel Like a (Bleeping) Pilot

Did you ever sit behind the wheel of your parents’ parked car when you were a kid and imagine you were piloting an F-14 Tomcat Fighter, just like the guys in Top Gun? (Or was that just us?)

Today’s dashboard displays will give you that feeling all over again, with a high resolution heads-up display (HUD). HUD systems show information like speed and navigation in the driver’s line of site – in an ultra modern image on the windshield! As this technology improves, drivers will be able to interact with the display, hands free.

Enhanced Climate Control That’s in Communication with the Stars Above (Sort of)  

Some new models offer a climate control system that keeps track of area weather through GPS. Get this – it can even tell when a passenger is in the sun and needs to cool down! It’ll balance out the temperature so no one in the car is too hot or too cold. We like that level of attention and care.

An Attention Monitor for You Adult ADD Drivers Out There 

If your mind tends to wander, or if you can’t help but check that new text while you’re behind the wheel, then this new feature may be for you. An Attention Assist feature, available in many new models, uses a series of audio and visual cues to get your attention back on the road.

If these “cues” aren’t enough, you can also buy cars that will help you maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you, or cars that gently lead you back into your lane in the case that you drift a little. Hate parallel parking? Let your car do it! These features all go a long way in making our lives a little safer and a little more convenient.

Pedestrian Detection to Help You Cover Your … Bases

It seems that more and more car companies don’t just want to keep their drives safe – they want to make the road safer overall, for everyone. And we applaud that.

Consider the night vision feature in many BMW models. This feature integrates an infrared camera into the navigation controls that can detect pedestrians on the side of the road. Perfect for late-night driving when the last thing you want to do is accidentally hit a bike-rider, or a deer!

Other cars also offer blind spot warning systems. These systems use sonar waves (yes, we said sonar waves) to detect vehicles on either side. Basically, these features are smarter than any driver on the road. Good news for distracted drivers!

Wave if You’re Ready for Gesture Control

Believe it or not, we’ll begin to see gesture controls on luxury models as early as next year! Wave a hand, and you’ll be able to operate things like your sound system or incoming calls. Some luxury auto makers are already considering gesture-controlled infotainment systems and windshield displays that allow passengers to slide between panels with mere gestures.  How’s that for sci-fi driving?

Transformers … No, Really!

We’re not joking. If you’ve ever driven down the road in an SUV wishing it could be a little bit more like a pickup truck, this feature is for you. Two-in-one vehicles may soon be available for drivers who just aren’t satisfied with one vehicular configuration. They’ll be able to push a button and watch the roof and side glass retract into body panels. Ah-mazing.

What Else Might the Future Have in Store?

The world of technology doesn’t slow down. We’re looking forward to a few of the other features on the horizon, like facial recognition technology or tech that will monitor the driver’s health. And you’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the ultimate in high-tech driving features: Self-driving cars.

According to several sources, they’re almost here. Commercial transportation may arrive soon from brands like Uber and Waymo. Waymo, in fact, will begin picking up Phoenix passengers in driverless minivans! What this will mean for the future of the luxury car industry isn’t certain, but we can’t wait to find out.

Remember, if you need a trustworthy carrier to ship a high-tech vehicle for you, let us know. We’ll treat your futuristic ride as if it were our own.

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